LSNN On The Move

LSNN On The Move

On Friday June 16, LSNN directors closed their headquarters in La Mesa. Director Jeff Anderson commented on the matter, saying, “After functioning for several years in Los Santos, LSNN has made the decision to end its residence in La Mesa, and move to a more luxurious building located in Pillbox Hill.” The decision to move follows LSNN’s coverage of the Whiskey Killer, Los Santos’ deadliest serial killer in the past thirty years. The story reached international news outlets, and allegedly increased LSNN’s income into the millions. Prior to his capture, LSNN received up to $100,000 a week in revenue.


“This is a new and exciting time for us,” Anderson continued to comment. “From our humble beginnings in our sentimental office, to a state of the art journalistic safe haven. We will continue to pride ourselves on our journalistic integrity, freedom of speech, and our commitment to the people of Los Santos to keep them informed on the issues at hand.”

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