Getting to know Frank Lester

Getting to know Frank Lester

Frank Lester, pictured above, as he held a Meet and Greet at the City Hall this afternoon. Lester has hit the ground running in this election, with posters and promises already being made. LSNN had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Lester.

What kind of family do you come from, and how was your upbringing?

Was your family wealthy?

Enzo Falcone, could you tell us more about him?

And what are your plans for the inner streets of LS, Ganton, Idlewood, and the like?

Do you believe that’s possible?

There you have it, with a claim to bring the crime rate to a exact 0%, Frank Lester’s campaign is sure to be one of the top contenders.

While Lester’s campaign promises to bring the crime rate to a historical 0%, LSNN wonders if this is in fact possible and how could this be accomplished. This certainly does set Lester apart from the other candidates, such as Levesque and Haye, who have not released their policies on the crime rate in Los Santos.

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